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Finish December With a Bang, Head to Hallandale, Florida

No matter how you like to savor the season, there’s an event for you in Hallandale, Florida. For those who love to eat, you’ll love the Beachwalk brunch. For those who love nature, your heart will soar as you kayak at sunset. For those who love traditional holiday activities, photos with Santa and symphony light show will be a perfect fit.

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Packing For an Extended Vacation is a Breeze With These Five Tips

When it comes to traveling for an extended period, being more thoughtful about packing is key. A weekend getaway, especially a road trip, is easy enough to pack for by throwing a few of everything into a bag and calling it a day. For those who have an upcoming extended vacation, anywhere from 10 days to a few weeks, we recommend spending some quality time strategizing a packing plan.

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5 Reasons to Gift Yourself an Extended Vacation This Holiday Season

With the holidays on the horizon, the question begs, how much vacation time will you take for yourself, this year? Out of all the nations of the world, the U.S. does not rank very high when it comes to paid days off. Most people will agree that they would love to have more paid vacation days, yet you may be surprised to read that 52% of Americans didn’t even use all of their vacation days in 2017!

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What’s on Deck In and Around Beachwalk Resort This November

With perpetual sunshine and delightfully warm temperatures, there’s no end to the fun in southern Florida. In fact, there’s only one aspect to life around here that is challenging; keeping up with the abundance of events and activities.

The beaches alone provide constant stimulation and relaxation, not to mention Southern Florida’s vibrant urban centers! Those two features combine to ensure that locals and visitors alike are never wanting for entertainment!

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October at Beachwalk is Full of Fall Flavors and Football

Fall is among the top seasons to spend time in and around Hallandale, Florida, and we couldn’t be happier that we are in the thick of September, with October and November to look forward to as well. The reasons behind the autumn months being our favorite to enjoy in Florida are many, but three stand out the most; excellent sunny weather, fall events, and football.