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Meet The Friendliest Team Member at Beachwalk Resort: Daniel Hernandez

Here at Beachwalk Resort, we pride ourselves on ensuring every team member is enthusiastic about serving our guests. One of our most dedicated and passionate team members is Daniel Hernandez, our vacation sales representative.

Deciding to rent or purchase a vacation home is a big decision and one that is made with plenty of care and consideration. For those of you curious about embarking on the journey of vacationing here at Beachwalk, we’ve taken a few moments to interview Daniel, so that you can get to know him and the vacation rental process better!

Meet Vacation Rentals Sales Representative Daniel Hernandez

Daniel, what made you decide to specialize in assisting people with choosing, purchasing, and managing vacation rentals?

“It began when I was a Freshman in College; I started working as an entry-level Customer Service agent for a Timeshare Management company. I quickly moved through the ranks and decided to pursue a career in Hospitality Management. I had a real knack for tailoring unique experiences for guests, booking both short term and long term rentals. Along the way, I was creating a network of loyal repeat guests who became part of the resort family. This all eventually led me to Beachwalk Resort, where we have identified a high demand for personalized vacation rentals in the area, which gave birth to the program.”

What excites you about your job?

“One of the most exciting parts of the job is its diverse and multicultural environment. I have had the pleasure to service international guests from all over the world and have also been able to work alongside hoteliers from all walks of life. There’s something inspiring about an industry that is constantly evolving. Nowadays the industry offers a wide array of products and services to fit everyone’s needs, preferences, budget, etc., giving me the ability to assist every guest, current and future!”   

“I take pride in knowing I can positively impact our guest’s experiences through consistent performance and execution. I’m reminded of a time early in my career hearing our then President for Benchmark Hospitality, Alex Cabañas, say during a property staff meeting, ‘We are in the business of making memories.’ It struck me that we are making an everlasting impact and creating lifetime memories for the people we serve, from the honeymoon couples to multigenerational families, when you provide a great experience, you create a guest for life.”

How would you describe a vacation rental to someone who is newly considering purchasing one?

Enjoy the comforts of home plus services including housekeeping, valet parking, complimentary beach club access and more

“Our vacation rentals program combines the service and personalization of a hotel stay with the affordability and convenience of short and long-term condo rentals. We classify our Vacation Rentals based on short-term, or extended stays, and offer competitive pricing along with packaged amenities based on our guest’s needs. Our rates are packaged to include the daily resort fee, weekly housekeeping service, Valet parking, and a guaranteed high floor. Plus we include complimentary beach chairs, towels, and umbrellas, and we offer a courtesy shuttle to our Beach Club.”

“Booking directly through the hotel has several advantages, including 24-hour On-Site service and support such as housekeeping, maintenance; also personalized service aimed at curating each guest experience.”

Thank you, Daniel, for giving us insights into the vacation rentals program at Beachwalk. Now, we want to learn more about you!

What do you love the most about living in Hallandale?

Pictured: Holiday Broadwalk. Ideally located in the heart of South Florida between Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

“I love the proximity to the ocean! Having grown up on a Caribbean island, I have always felt an innate connection to the ocean. I also appreciate it’s proximity to the both Fort Lauderdale and Miami; we are right in the middle, giving us quick and easy access to both.”

What are some of your favorite ways to take advantage of the Hallandale weather and landscapes?

“The beach is my home away from home, so my number one favorite activity is to take advantage of our year-round beautiful Florida weather; you can always find me enjoying the Sun, sand, and surf.”

Do you have a favorite local dish you enjoy eating?

“One of the great things about living in such a culturally diverse area such as South Florida is the eclectic mix of culinary delights to enjoy. Whether it be the ‘Vaca Frita’ or ‘Lechon Azado’ at Padrino’s Cuban Cuisine restaurant right next door or the fresh ‘Fatty tuna’ Sashimi Rolls from Etaru Japanese restaurant located right across the street, there is a wide range of options to take advantage of.”

What sights, activities, and restaurants do you generally recommend to your clients?

Place your bets at Gulfstream Park, home to the Florida Derby and Pegasus Cup

“The Beachwalk Resort motto since our opening has been ‘Get Close,’ and this speaks true to all the entertainment and activities available. We offer a plethora of unique activities; you can go for a scenic bike ride alongside the Hollywood Broadwalk which is a beachside pathway containing over 30 boutique stores and 50 restaurants. Go for a ride on the Fort Lauder Water Taxi and enjoy views of the mansions along the waterways. Catch a horse race at the world-famous Village of Gulfstream Park or gamble in their casino. I recommend them all!”

Daniel, it’s been a pleasure chatting with you! For those of you interested in visiting Beachwalk Resort as a hotel guest, or possibly staying for a week or longer in a vacation rental, contact Daniel for all inquiries!

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